nbayoungboat – lil yachty lyrics

[verse 1: youngboy never broke again]
young n-gg-, rich n-gg-, i’m a bad b-tch getter
f-ck n-gg-, hoe n-gg-, i don’t f-ck with broke n-gg-s
always held my own since i jumped up off the porch, n-gg-
you ain’t know, now you know, n-gg-, hi-tec pour a four, n-gg-

[verse 2: lil yachty]
b-tch roll me my sack before i come in
80 thousand dollars plus a jet on a backend
twenty twin twins finna get plucked like a chicken
brother locked up he spent much time in the kitchen
we ain’t really with that pretending and sh-t
i got six catholic hoes in here sinning and sh-t
pour that sh-t up bust it down
bought a new crib it got several amenities
you gon’ get shot like the kennedys
f-cking with lil boat and yb

[verse 3: youngboy never broke again]
carbon it sound like a dump truck
soon as i up we gon’ back up
she wanna f-ck i’ma smash her
he want a verse i’ma tax him
say you want smoke it ain’t bout nothing
i know that n-gg- ain’t bout nothing
bring out the boat when the flood coming
strapped with a tec when you pull up on me

[verse 4: lil yachty]
i’m with the 38 baby, my neck see more water than the navy
i was finna f-ck your b-tch my n-gg- then i got lazy
i saw your new watch that sh-t cool but my sh-t crazy
canary yellow diamonds in my mouth like i bit a daisy
i’m with lil baby yeah, keep a .380, yeah
i’m with big slime yeah you know we going brazy, yeah (slatt)

[verse 5: youngboy never broke again]
17 with four babies, yeah
lotta money know they hate me yeah
one on four they try to play me, yeah
shoot his -ss right up in here
diamonds they shine like a headlight
i keep that lil b-tch off her head right
i’ma lay up and f-ck on her every night
when i’m leaving i’m heading straight to the flight
got a tiger but no i’m not mike tyson
scuff in the club like fight night
i make that lil hoe act right
i tell that b-tch f-ck up my sack right

[verse 6: lil yachty & youngboy never broke again]
put that lil b-tch on a spirit flight
return her next to me one night
we running and ducking from squad lights
i got 32 shots in the gun fight
these n-gg-s sweet like a honey bun
don’t worry ’bout where my money from
at the crib on the couch we got hunting guns
young n-gg- rich n-gg- i’m a big bag getter
b-tch n-gg-, snitch n-gg-, never met a real n-gg-
never had six figures, my b-tch do tricks n-gg-
i go by lil boat and i’m cooling with some real hittas
whip on the wrist that’s a brick on the fist, n-gg-
no light needed for this chain it’s gon’ glist n-gg-
vs one stone that sh-t not far from flawless
f-ck a pretty b-tch n-gg- my money gorgeous, b-tch

# lil yachty

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