jüul ft. goldrosexxx – vance grove lyrics

[verse 1: vance grove]
molly water, nicotine
where your b-tch, she with the team
popped a bean and lsd, she seeing sh-t, she drippin g
think i love her i dissagree
i can’t see your f-ckin schemes
you just want my money b-tch
please get off my f-ckin d-ck
i f-cking hate you little sugar baby t-tty suckers
quit playin with my dollars spent
b-tches want them college educations
i’m like ha ha, trick you crazy get up out my face
if she caught up sn-tching out of pockets then i hit the brakes

[break: vance grove]
woah, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
ayo goldrose

[verse 2: goldros-xxx]
yall tryna act, who yall ain’t
drop you on my brother like the boon dock saints
she love to get f-cked when shes under restraints
b-tch love to get high when her mind elevate
f-ck around and leave your whole block ablaze
ak-47, shoot it through your breast plate
bandana round your eyes, take you on a blind date
can’t f-ck with the hoe if she is a light weight
light weight, light weight, i play, uh
stuff a mother f-cker in an ice box, uh
puff spliffs to the face, now i need some eye drops
plenty on your head like a f-ckin crown boss
how do you think the clock broke when the time stops
little boy catch it he dont hit the lime light

[outro: goldros-xxx]

# vance grove

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