higher – yo village lyrics


v1: a. l. high
ladies love it x3

ha ha ha ha ha.. yeah
ladies loving the music some next level sh-t
whack n-gg-s thinking they are the light but they ain’t lit
come around the stoner whose smooth live and legit
toss this in the whip, life’s too beautiful dont quit
a queen pulling up to the scene it was a sign
she was built like no other a one of a kind design
plenty of men test they luck but its a quick decline
so let this love intertwine like the funky b-ss line
providing for you cause that’s what a man do
while they swiping left and right smudging can’t see through
i’m admiring the view being respectable too
life is definitely better when i’m waking up with you

ooh you know you’re the, greatest thing on earth
just look in your eye, it’s deep in your eye
ooh baby you’re the, greatest thing on earth, we’re here in the sky, you’re love can’t deny
we’re going higher

v2: afro kai
my baritone so smoky
treble so silky
dipped in kemetic love, like a gypsy
my queen say she love me
i really like the huggin
she give me sweet love like this the last time livin
were here on a mission
like a revolution
raisin the vibes if the entire nation
then we’re goin worldwide
lookin in the sky
the hidden one revealed, like self realized
we still rise, to the occasion
completing the works for the generation
stoppin gentrification
feedin the nation
with the tree of life for the sages


# yo village

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