cute in a suit (skit) – hopsin lyrics

-phone rings-

hopsin: what do you want?

alyce: where are you?

hopsin: i’m leaving this d-mn courthouse, walking back to my hotel. what do you want?

alyce: well, you look really cute in your suit.

hopsin: man, what the f-ck you talking about i look cute in this suit?! i’m only wearing this godd-mn suit because you put me through all this court bullsh-t, man. you think this is some type of f-cking game?!

alyce: look, i honestly didn’t know they were gonna do this. i thought they were just gonna write you up.

hopsin: write me up? what the f-ck is this, middle school?! you’re a f-cking white girl telling the police a black man beat you in the f-cking hotel room! you’re f-cking with my life. you know d-mn well i didn’t hurt you.

alyce: well i was scared and you were holding me hostage and i didn’t know if you were gonna k!ll me and my baby.

hopsin: what?! k!ll the baby?! holding you hostage?! what the f-ck are you talking about?! who do you think i am?! you think i’m a terrorist?! how did you not think this through?! they gon kick my black -ss out of australia right when you’re about to have this godd-mn baby. how am i supposed to raise this kid with you?!

alyce: why are you blaming me? my dad’s the one that made me go to the police. it’s not my fault.

hopsin: it is your fault! why the f-ck you telling your parents all our godd-mn business?! you know they don’t like me. god!

alyce: well, i see you followed a new girl on instagram. who is she?

hopsin: wow! are you bringing that… oh my… man, f-ck you!

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