checkmate – $tayaliveboy$ lyrics

[intro ($tayaliveboy$)]
uh, this is a chess rap
don’t take this mixtape serious
it’s purly satirical
best game out there chess t-tans check it out on app store but this isn’t sponsored
uh uh uh uh uh

[verse 1($tayaliveboy$)]
i’ll take your p-wns
i’ll take your kings
i’ll take your queens
i’ll take your rooks
in the bag
but i’m not a cook
all you people don’t study books
you know i’m the illest
bringing the k!llest
verse in the game
that is chess
don’t test me im the best
from east coast to west
you take l’s while i take dubs
speaking of l’s
that’s what a horse moves like in chess
the main game that isn’t lame
bringing me the fame on this mixtape
the ballad of zananfranafranafranzie
don’t question the name
unless you wanna get dropped from the gang
now i’ll p-ss the mic to joey r
creator of music video.mp4
going for that 4 outta 4
best rapper in the game is joeyr because i’m trash
i’m not a good rapper, yeah, uh

[verse 2 (lil caesar)]
ay, ay, ay, ay
i made music video mp4
best rapper in the game come for me, i’ll drop you in the hunger games
charlie puth please notice me i covered your song on youtube
don’t test me you know i run tilted
with the bros
wrist froze
i kick back
soundcloud rap
lil caesar, you know
catch me back on the craft
making youtube vids, clickbait
don’t hate, checkmate
p-ss it back to qmanray, for the best plays

[verse 3 ($tayaliveboy$)]
alright, this is checkmate
send checks late
eat chex mix
use chopsticks
got sick kicks
get mad pix
i’m your dad
i’m super rad
very glad
we get joey on the track
make quick racks
ducks go quack
reppin knack 2
use shampoo
i eat glue
got no clue
got mad flow
like g i joe
don’t owe sh-t
i like to knit
i just spit
these mad bars
i just right memoirs

[outro ($tayaliveboy$)]
this was our best song
checkmate, about chess
featuring joeyrisawesome, check him out on youtube
thank you for listening
thats all

# tayaliveboy

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